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It is very common to have urinary incontinence after pregnancy. Most of the case it is due to the lack of pelvic floor control. In traditional physical therapy, you will be told to squeeze the muscle. However, I have experienced a lots of patients had difficulty under stand what they are contracting. They are very uncertain what muscles they are contracting. As a physical therapist, if you don't have ultrasound image, you have relay on their feeling. We treat patient to re-educate pelvic floor muscle using ultrasound image. They will now able to see if the pelvic floor muscle are contracting correctly.  

Also, not only the urinary incontinence, pelvic floor muscles are related with intercourse pain, urinary frequency, and back pain. 

​Three main ways to receive treatment: 

1. At home with privacy

2. Telehealth 

3. in out patient clinic


Men’s Health Physical Therapy

If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, you may benefit from physical therapy with a Men’s Health specialist to help reduce or eliminate your symptoms. Our Men’s Health Physical Therapists are highly trained in understanding, diagnosing, and managing your symptoms and pain.

  • Pain in the genitals, groin, rectum, pubic bone, tailbone, and low back

  • Urinary problems, including urgency, frequency, reduced stream, pain during urination, and frequency at night

  • Pain during or after intercourse

  • Reduced libido

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